Conversación por teléfono

  1. Hello

  • Hello

  1. How are you?

  • Fine and you?

  1. same

  • Where are we going today

  1. Let's go to the clouds

  • It's at 5:30

  1. Yes i will be there

  •  bye


Descripción de alguien famoso

Cristiano is a popular soccer player. His birthday is February 5, 1985. He is Portuguese. He was born in portugal.Ronaldo is famous for many reasons. Has won many drinks in total are 21 drinks. He plays as a striker at the Real Madrid Football Club of the Spanish First Division and in the selection of Portugal, of which he is captain. Throughout its professional race, it has managed to beat diverse records Among them the maximum historical scorer of the Champions League

How does it look like?

He is medium height and he is thin, he's got dark brown hair. his eyesare also brown. he has gotdark skin.

What is he like?

He is understanding, sensatíve,competive and very confident. He skilful in the football pitch.

Descripción de mi casa

My house is large, has 3 floors and a break in them there are:

A living room that is on the first floor to the right.
At the bottom there is an elevator and to your right there is a toilet, on the second floor on the left there is a toilet and to the right a kitchen and a dining room.
On the third floor there are three bedrooms and a bathroom.
In the tear is the heating.


My room is neither big nor small.
When entering directly in the corner of the left there is a desk and above this the screen of my computer in the center of the table is the keyboard, in front of the keyboard are the loudspeakers.
To your right there are a series of drawers where I keep the pajamas and along the whole wall on the left there are two wardrobes one at the bottom and another at the top, upstairs in the center there is a shelf and below there is a bed where I sleep.
And finally to the bottom in the center there is a window.




news for the newspaper

Irving and LeBron defend the land

Irving scored 40 points and LeBron James added 31 with 11 assists and 10 rebounds to power the Cavaliers over Golden State 137-116 Friday, averting what would have been a historic win and NBA Finals sweep for the Warriors.

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